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You might think that small farmers are a thing of the past, however take a minute and see what's happening around our farm.

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You can not feed the world without taking a moment to reflect on all the goodness we have been provided. My thoughts of living a sustainable life on the farm.

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Farming is much more than an occupation, it is a way of life.

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We are a small family farm in the heart of central Indiana. Scottish Highland/Angus Cattle and Boer Goats have been an interest for us since my wife and I were married in 1996. In 2006, Trixie came to us as our first percentage doe. She has been the corner stone of affection with the goat industry and started us down the path of making a hobby into a way of life. Working with my father’s commercial Angus cattle herd, we found a unique cross breed with the Scottish Highland cattle. In 2012, my two children purchased a registered Scottish Highland bull named Duff. Between the goat herd and our ever growing cattle herd, we are making this operation a true family affair. As we believe in the betterment of the agriculture industry, we are constantly taking performance records and breeding statistical data on the herd.